chapter  8
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”Mrs. Madison’s War”

Dolley’s Role in the War of 1812
WithAllgor Catherine

Dolley Madison's mission of reassuring all that the government was in control escalated as the summer passed, and she focused even more on the capital residents. During the War of 1812, Dolley, then, became the charismatic figure not just for James Madison but for the nation's capital. She had always brought people together; now her abilities to draw people in had an urgent, larger purpose. Her mission was to convey to the capital and the country that the government was working and the war was being conducted well. She presented a picture of calm optimism and in her mission was aided by her female colleagues. The 1812 naval campaign, American forces captured the British ships Guerriere and Macedonian, and officers presented the captured ships' colors, or flags, to Dolley in very public ceremonies. Dolley was conscious of this honor paid to her and the country.