chapter  11
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The Province of Yaroslavl

ByGrigory Ioffe, Tatyana Nefedova

The province of Yaroslavl is one of the most urbanized in Central Russia: 81% of its 1994 population are urban; however, 43% of all provincial residents live in just one city, Yaroslavl. The situation in exurban areas around the city of Yaroslavl could not differ more greatly from the above. A typical example would be the partnership Kurba, a former state farm on 4000 hectares. In 1959-1989, the rural population of the province of Yaroslavl almost halved, the heaviest demographic losses occurring in the northern outlying districts and in the district of Niekrasovo situated between the cities of Yaroslavl and Kostroma. The public sector's agriculture is unprofitable everywhere in the province except the districts of Yaroslavl; Rybinsk, and Tutayev, Animal husbandry is in especially dire straits. The most striking aspect of the geography of crop harvesting is the supremacy of the Yaroslavl district: it tops the remaining 16 districts in the yields of all grains, potatoes, and root plants.