chapter  10
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Syria and Lectures, 1935

BySusan Silsby Boyle

In 1935, when Antonius wrote and spoke about tine problems facing the Arab nation, he emphasized the nation's unequal relationship with empire, the truncation of Syria, and the lack of progress toward Palestinian and Syrian independence. In the spring of 1935, when Antonius traveled to the United States and Canada, he presented a number of lectures and participated in various group discussions about the Arab national movement and the Palestine problem in particular at universities such as Princeton. Antonius told his American and Canadian audiences that the Palestinian problem should be considered within the context of the Arab national movement. The Zionist and colonial abrogation of the fundamental constitutional obligation of facilitating Palestinian independence and self-rule "demonstrates that its entire orientation was and is directed toward converting a predominantly Arab land into a Jewish theocracy euphemistically called a home. The Balfour Declaration, so metamorphosed and distorted, thus bids defiance of the Covenant of the League of Nations.