chapter  13
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War and Death

BySusan Silsby Boyle

John Murray was so impressed with George Antonius’s review of "the war and death situation in the Arab world and the reactions of public opinion in regard to the issues arising out of the conflict between Great Britain and the Axis powers" that he sent a copy to Assistant Undersecretary of State Berle. From 1940 to 1942, Antonius's greatest supports came from his friends among the Arab nationalists and American diplomats in the region. After devoting several months to the St. James's Palace Conference on Palestine in early 1939, Antonius was hopeful that additional meetings might finally conclude with Palestinian independence. On April 6 Antonius met with MacDonald before his meeting with the Cabinet to discuss the policy statement. Antonius's position appears to have been based on his conviction that Palestinians could and should assume legislative and executive powers first, as continued postponement might prevent Palestinian self-government from being realized for a very long time.