chapter  5
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Constitutional Government

BySusan Silsby Boyle

In 1921 Ernest Richmond, then assistant secretary in the Secretariat and an especially close friend both of Antonius's and of Clayton's from Cairo days, was assigned to deal with the issues concerning constitutional government in Palestine. In Syria, in the Arab nation as a whole, and in Palestine in particular, there was a culture that sustained a different perspective on nation building. In a September 21, 1921 draft memorandum, Richmond outlined "the issues involved in deciding upon a constitution for Palestine." Zionists had an opportunity to participate in helping Palestine flourish, and once people could trust them, they would find greater trust. In 1922 there was much discussion about government schemes for Palestine. Palestinians were seeking executive and legislative powers. In Palestine, there was no mistaking the unequal game under way and its systematic destruction of any manifestations of Palestinian civil society.