chapter  4
26 Pages

Longitudinal Properties of a Plasma in Thermodynamic Equilibrium

ByS. Ichimaru

This chapter deals with the longitudinal properties of a plasma in thermodynamic equilibrium. It discusses the plasma phenomena related to the screening properties of the dielectric response function: these include the Debye screening, the stopping power of the plasma, and the Cherenkov emission of the plasma oscillations. The chapter considers the cases in which a uniform magnetic field is applied to the plasma. The propagation characteristics of both the plasma oscillation and the ion-acoustic wave will then be modified; an additional mode of propagation associated with the cyclotron motion of the charged particles will also appear. A macroscopic physical quantity might therefore reappear in the plasma if the authors could reverse the direction of phase evolution of the microscopic elements. It is instructive to note that this emission mechanism does not depend on the amplitude of the plasma wave already existent in the plasma; the situation is therefore in sharp contrast with the induced emission processes.