chapter  3
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WithAnthony H. Cordesman

Oman has developed detailed analyses of its economic options through the year 2020, and the new 1996-2000 plan is beginning to be implemented. The Omani government is conscious of Oman's dependence on oil and gas, and plans to diversify the economy as part of its 1996-2000 development plan. Oman has argued, and with considerable justification, that it has provided considerably more support than its received in return in US arms transfers and aid. It must come firmly to grips with the need to "Omanize" the work force, and adopt far stronger policies to provide incentives for both Omani industry and the native Omani work force to both increase the number of jobs and develop an Omani work ethic. Oman's present external and internal security policies are some of the most successful in the Gulf. Oman does have high quality police and internal security forces. Oman is seeking to develop agriculture and fishing-along with tourism-as additional tools in diversifying its economy.