chapter  4
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Mary Wollstonecraft and the Separation of Poetry and Politics

ByCatherine Villanueva Gardner

There is already a preponderance of critical work on Mary Wollstonecraft, and—given the predominant interest in my work in discussing the writing of lesser known women philosophers—it was with some initial hesitation that I included an account of her moral philosophy However on a closer examination of Wollstonecraft’s work, I found that even though I may be able to offer little in the way of a fresh or innovative interpretation, I would be able to offer an interesting analysis of how exactly A Vindication of the Rights of Woman has been—as well as should be—read. An analysis that ultimately, I believe, demonstrates the incredible range of Wollstonecraft’s philosophical thought, and in so doing can also demonstrate the narrowness of dominant views of what is to count as philosophical argument.