chapter  35
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Micro-non-uniform systems

Hence for the rarefied gas range θ = 10-4−10-3 it follows that the value of ρ varies from 10 to 22λ. Thus, the region with a radius Rvt1 is commensurable with the volume of the gas in which the molecules are at an average distance ρ, but this region is smaller than Rvt2. If we compare the total number of molecules in a cube with a side equal to the mean free path, then N = θL3 = θ/(21/2θ)3 = (21/2θ2)–1, or N = 7.1×105−7.1×107. The indicated sizes go beyond the permissible values of Rvt2, and this amount corresponds to the meaning of the lower macrophase size.