chapter  48
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The rate of elementary stages

It is assumed here that the number of sites of the structure does not change during the reaction, and the concentration of particles can be characterized as the ‘degree of filling’ of the surface θi. In the derivation of the equations (48.1)–(48.3), it is assumed that the equilibrium distribution of molecules in the reaction system is realized, and that the chemical transformation stage is limited. It also assumes: 1) the absence of diffusion transport at the macroscopic level (uniform distribution over the macrovolume), (2) the absence of the influence of external fields, (3) the absence of a diffusioncontrolled regime of the reaction at the molecular level, (4) the absence of influence of intermolecular interactions, and (5) the fraction of particles reacting per unit time is so small that it does not distort the equilibrium distribution of molecules on the surface.