chapter  56
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The velocity of thermal motion of molecules

On the other hand, the formulas 1 1 1( ) / ( ) ( ) / E A EA A E fh fh fh f fS r S r r θ θ= Λ

and 2 2 2( ) / ( ) ( ) / D B DB B D gh gh gh g gS r S r r θ θ= Λ can be proved in the same way,

therefore, summing, we have the proof of equality (55.7). The use of approximations that do not take into account the effects

of spatial correlation, such as in the mean-field approximation or the random approximation, does not meet the self-consistency conditions, as explained in Section 54, in particular, this leads to renormalization of the activation energy of the process by a value ε ij

fg (1).