chapter  3
Citizen livestreams – a force for good?
WithClaudette G. Artwick
Pages 19

The shooting and Reynolds’ live video quickly became a top news story, with more than 3 million views on Facebook and “countless millions” on television by noon the next day. It stands out among citizen livestreams for its emotion and raw, graphic scene, but also for its place in the larger context of violence and race. The camera phone has given citizens “a powerful means for bearing witness to brutality”. Many of the groups also photograph or livestream their campus activism for use in online propaganda. Violence has been on the rise in the alt-right movement, with 17 killed and 43 injured in 2017 – the most violent year as reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center. United States elected officials adopted social media livestreaming as part of their role in addressing the humanitarian crises, as the following chapter explores.