chapter  4
Politics and live video
Beyond campaigning
WithClaudette G. Artwick
Pages 13

In addition to livestreams, recorded videos have contributed to the senators’ efforts to reveal the truth about migrant children. Opposition to family separation continues to swell, and just three days after the march to Tornillo, livestreams across the country reveal crowds flooding streets and government buildings. In addition to unfiltered communication is interactivity – a major characteristic of livestreaming on social media. A true virtual town hall would also engage the livestream viewers by inviting them to comment and responding to them during the event. The host welcomes viewers to comment and responds to them. Often, another person assists the livestreamer by monitoring and pinning comments to be addressed. Fast forward to 2018, when livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope brought Donald Trump’s SOTU to viewers worldwide. Livestreams feature prominently, bringing events directly to constituents, such as his “Medicare for All” on Facebook Live.