chapter  5
Ethical and legal issues
WithClaudette G. Artwick
Pages 15

Livestreaming the suspected perpetrator appearing in court, or releasing information about the person as it later surfaces may also harm the survivors. At least a dozen suicides had been livestreamed on social media between May 2016 and May 2018. In some cases, viewers had alerted authorities, who then intervened in suicide attempts during livestreams. A number of privacy issues emerge with livestreaming. The first concerns the personal information associated with our accounts and how social media companies use it. Social media livestreaming may be reshaping the way people think about privacy and the right to record in public. Children’s privacy and protection from abuse has come to light as a crucial area for attention in livestreaming. The Children’s Commissioner for England has called for compulsory digital literacy to be taught in primary schools. But the potential for abuse extends beyond criminal exploitation of children’s own use of livestreaming.