chapter  4
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Death and (re)birth of J. S. Bach: case studies

Methodological considerations: authorship markers In this section I explore the iterability of Bach’s compositional gestures in the BWV 1002, conceived here as authorship markers, from a musicanalytical perspective. Four doubles from the . . . Bach . . . project that expand each of the four main dance movements are employed as case studies: Fernando Buide’s Doble on the Allemande, Miguel Matamoro’s (. . .) on the Corrente, Tomas Marco’s Double de Double on the Sarabande, and Esaias Järnegard’s Ymagino on the Tempo di Borea. These analyses examine the commonalities of their musical fabrics under the enlightening intellectual world that emerges from a critical approach to Barthes’s and Derrida’s writings, applying those notions, organizational patterns, or “circuits of argument” considered thus far.