chapter  1
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Envisioning an Australian Republican-Constitutional change and Bill of Rights Act
WithYulia Maleta

Utilising my interviews with Australian women environmentalists, this book addresses hegemonic (ruling class) masculinity/emphasized femininity and constructivism/essentialism within renewables organisational governance. Applying Connell’s (1995, 2005, 2009) theory of hegemony, Cockburn’s (1988) gendering of competence plus patriarchal critique of Social Movements and Butler’s (2007, 2013) insight to gender performativity, I critique Anglo male middle class (patriarchal) privilege, as barriers to women’s leadership (Donaldson and Poynting 2013; DAWN 2015; Buechler and Hanson 2016). My Republican-Bill of Rights modelling of Sustainable Scientific-Technological Development Initiatives (SSTDI), is supported by Women-Led Wind, Wave and Solar Energy (W, W & SE) solutions. I develop an emphasized femininity-constructivist-resistant approach to patriarchy, arguing that women-led agentic scientific-technical competence, entails an empowered gender performance, challenging the ruling power of elites.