chapter  10
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Activism as egalitarian and anti-hierarchical

WithYulia Maleta

Following on from my discussion of older and younger women’s agentic performative skills set, this chapter develops my egalitarian-emphasized femininity insight to activism as anti-hierarchical, relative to participatory-framed patriarchal resistance. My contention is that egalitarianism unifies women campaigners in their advocacy, whilst hierarchy represents a barrier for feminism and environmental change. Arguably, bureaucracies, dually informed by rigid hierarchy and patriarchal privilege, operate like machines, and, for the most part, are not flexible, fluid, nor inclusive work environments. Hence, unyielding bureaucracy, makes the voice of women (in)visible, clouding their sustainable-climate reformative goals. In my framing of emphasized femininity resistance to patriarchy, women are active subjects, challenging dualist experiences of domination/subordination. Thus, feminist empowerment is indeed possible.