chapter  13
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Republican Red Vienna: an inspirational feminist model of egalitarian governance
WithYulia Maleta

My Republican Constitution-Bill of Rights Act, is inspired by Red Vienna (1919–34), a landmark social egalitarian democracy. In this era, robust social policies were enacted, conducive to ‘republican’, ‘egalitarian’, ‘feminist’ and ‘inclusive’ ideals. An impressive equilibrium was reached across social groups along with improved civil and civic liberties for working and middle class women (and men). Women worked as research scientists and politicians. Such prowess dispels assumptions that women were not scientifically or politically literate in the early 20th century. Although women’s intellectualism was a reality, they did not receive due credit, of which my research reaffirms. My book has integrated nature within the arts, science and technology, relative to my six women groups’ performative skills set in WW and SE leadership. Henceforth, my emphasized-feminist-constructivist environmentalist-egalitarian-republican sociopolitical-change model – is situated in a. women-led agentic competence and b. resistance to oppressive patriarchal bureaucratic hierarchies that privilege men.