chapter  7
32 Pages

An agentic performative multi-skills-set within environmentalism

WithYulia Maleta

This chapter illuminates the diverse skills set of my women participants, pertaining to multiple forms of leadership competence: scientific, technological/technical, intellectual, social, egalitarian and empathy. Within eSMOs, I address gender performances, intersections of constructivism/essentialism, and emphasized femininity agentic resistance to middle class masculinity and the patriarchal control of eNSMs. Women’s performative technical and social competencies are assessed as constructivist, for skill-based merit, challenges essentialist assumptions that women are less suited to scientific leadership. Women’s ‘doing of gender’, thereby, challenges stigmas associated with female intellectual incompetence. Rather women play a crucial role in renewables technological development. However, global renewable executive boards are male-dominated. My quota-EEO model (akin to Initiatives) legislates on women’s leadership, ensuring women are justly represented in scientific research and management.