chapter  8
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Physical competence and civil disobedience

WithYulia Maleta

This chapter highlights radical, competitive and conservative performative femininities. Regarding my theme of physical competence, women’s civil disobedience, in terms of ‘getting arrested’ is viewed by several of my grassroots and political participants, as a valid activist strategy. In this section, my participants performative civil disobedience underlines women’s dissatisfaction with political structures and governance. Competitive feminine performances, highlight women’s toughness and assertion, exemplifying their physical-intellectual prowess, and aspirations for higher status positions in their eSMOs. Also, I consider participants’ conservative, performative femininities, in which peaceful, less confrontational approaches, likewise, validate social change goals. These insights inform my rather ‘revolutionary’ framework. Women-led subversion, that is, politically radical, and, centred on communicative, ‘quiet’ methods, informs my anti-war ethos. My egalitarian peacemaking democratic model, striving to replace monarchism with republicanism, is inclusive of my groups, aspiring for their greater representation in male-dominated sectors, whist resisting middle class Anglo men’s hegemony.