chapter  9
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Age as a barrier/Enabler

Older and Younger Women’s Agentic Resistance
WithYulia Maleta

In this chapter, academics and eNGO women comment on age as a barrier/enabler, framed through stigmas and perceptions of female scientific-technical incompetence. Anna, Rachel and Stephanie, pinpoint the chauvinism of older men, reflecting how ruling-middle class men’s hegemony, ‘others’ women, even in their own academic institutions and eNGOs. Older and younger women advocates’ otherness is discursive to constructivist-essentialist framed perceptions of knowledge, and, comparably relayed though intersections of age, gender, competence and hegemony. Women-led constructivist empowerment, accompanies an emphasised performative resistant femininity, framed by social-intellectual-scientific-physical competencies akin to agentic sustainable-social change ambitions.