chapter  11
E Kore Au e Ngaro, He KA̱kano i Ruia mai i RangiA̱tea (I Will Never Be Lost, I Am a Seed Sown From RangiA̱tea)
Te Wa̱nanga o Raukawa as an Example of Educating for Indigenous Futures
ByKim McBreen
Pages 14

This chapter explores the experiences and vision of Te Wānanga o Raukawa, a Māori tertiary education institute in Aotearoa/New Zealand, as a case study for decolonizing Indigenous education. The Wānanga does not frame its goal as decolonization, but it is recognizably a decolonizing journey. This chapter discusses the Wānanga’s guiding four principles. At the same time as it has been rebuilding the confederation’s knowledge continuum, the Wānanga has been solid in its resistance to further attempts at colonization and has developed strategies for keeping itself safe and accountable to the past, present and future.