chapter  4
River as Lifeblood, River as Border
The Irreconcilable Discrepancies of Colonial Occupation From/With/On/Of the Frontera
ByMarissa Muñoz
Pages 20

In this chapter, I trouble some of the irreconcilable discrepancies around identity, collective memory, and public pedagogies of my borderland community on both sides of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and Laredo, Texas. I walk you along our river and share stories from the frontera, recorded in practices, the bodies, and landscapes (Riaño-Alcala & Baines, 2011) of those who remember. I draw from serpentine conocimiento (Lara, 2014), the rivering of memory (Tamez, 2016), and red pedagogy (Grande, 2008) to guide my responsibilities as a knowledge keeper, mother, and Xicana activist scholar educator.