chapter  10
Estimation of spatial variability properties of mine waste dump using CPTu results—case study
ByI. Bagińska, M. Kawa, W. Janecki
Pages 7

The paper deals with application of CPTu test results for the probabilistic modeling of lignite mine waste dump soils. The statistical measures are obtained using the results from four CPTu tests performed in a close range in the lignite mine dumping ground in Bełchatów (Central Poland). Both the tip resistance qc as well as local friction fs are tested. Based on the mean values, standard deviations and new classification nomogram of measured quantities, the specific zones in the dumping site profile are distinguished. For all three zones, based on normalized de-trended values for qc and fs both vertical and horizontal scales of fluctuation are estimated. The obtained results allow the description of dumped soil parameters using Random Fields.