chapter  102
Metal objects detected and standard parameters measured in a single CPT using the Icone with Magneto click-on module
ByM. Woollard, O. Storteboom, L. Gosnell, P. Baptie
Pages 7

The paper describes a digital CPT system called Icone®. This system is easily extendable by click-on modules to measure additional parameters and any module is automatically recognized by a digital data logger, thus creating a true plug & play system. By moving to smart digital communication, sufficient bandwidth over a thin flexible measuring cable was created to accommodate additional parameters, without the need for changing cones, cables or data loggers. The following click-on modules are described: seismic, conductivity, magneto and vane. Feedback from fieldwork with the Icone and the magnetometer module (Magneto) highlights the user experience with this approach.

Using the magnetometer module, metal objects in the underground can be detected by interpreting anomalies of the earth’s magnetic field. The application of this module is illustrated by two unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey projects for clearance ahead of piling.