chapter  104
Correlations among SCPTU parameters of Jiangsu normally consolidated silty clays
ByH. Zou, S. Liu, G. Cai, A.J. Puppala
Pages 7

The enhanced seismic piezocone penetration testing (SCPTU) provides a convenient method to measure V s together with other three indices including the cone tip resistance, sleeve frictional resistance and pore water pressure in a close proximity. In this study, a database containing 117 sets of data points is compiled for the stress-normalized SCPTU parameters of the Jiangsu normally consolidated silty clays. An approach based on the multivariate distribution method is utilized to develop the multivariate correlations among the normalized shear wave velocity (V s1) and other three indices. It is shown that the correlations are reliable to describe the dependence of the V s1 on other three indices for the Jiangsu normally consolidated silty clays. Moreover, the uncertainties within V s1 can be reduced by incorporating more than one index in the prediction.