chapter  15
Effect of piezocone penetration rate on the classification of Norwegian silt
ByA. Bihs, S. Nordal, M. Long, P. Paniagua, A. Gylland
Pages 7

Interpretation of Cone Penetration Tests (CPTU) in intermediate soils is complex due to partially drained conditions during penetration. In order to gain more insight into the material behavior of silt during a CPTU, an intensive test program was carried out in the field and several soil samples were taken and analysed. In addition a set of tests were performed in the laboratory under controlled conditions using a mini-piezocone (Fugro miniature CPTU, owned by the University of Colorado). The aim is to develop an improved interpretation basis for the CPTU in intermediate soils. The present paper gives an overview over the results obtained and shows how a change in penetration rate affects the response of the CPTU-readings. The data have been plotted into existing soil classification charts and the results from the field and laboratory investigations are compared. The Schneider et al. (2007) chart seems promising in separating the results from the different rate tests.