chapter  23
Interpreting properties of glacial till from CPT and its accuracy in determining soil behaviour type when applying it to pile driveability assessments
ByA. Cardoso, S. Raymackers, J. Davidson, S. Meissl
Pages 6

Glacial till comprises a mixture of material which has been transported by a glacier, such as clay, silt, sand, gravel, cobbles and even boulders. Due to this widespread and variable material, accurate driveability predictions can be very difficult to begin with. This study presents a driveability assessment that was performed for the installation of monopiles at a site located offshore of England’s East coast where the Swarte Bank glacial till formation can be found. Pile driveability back-calculations showed the influence of assessing the soil behaviour type, the accuracy of interpreting properties of the glacial till from CPTs when applying it to pile driveability assessment, and how CPTs should be treated with more value than borehole description when assessing soil resistance to driving on Swarte Bank glacial till.