chapter  26
Applying Bayesian updating to CPT data analysis
ByS. Collico, N. Perez, M. Devincenzi, M. Arroyo
Pages 6

Evaluation of geotechnical parameters on a project site is a necessary step in geotechnical engineering. However, due to the inherent variability of soil properties and the lack of data, many unavoidable uncertainties arise during a site-specific geotechnical characterization. This challenging task can be addressed under the Bayesian framework. The aim of this paper is to apply the Bayesian approach to a reference example of friction angle evaluation in sand, using the Bayesian Equivalent Sample Toolkit (BEST). BEST is an Excel VBA program for probabilistic characterization of geotechnical properties. In particular, in this study the statistical analysis has been performed using CPT tests from reference field studies. The results obtained for one case study involving CPT are discussed.