chapter  28
Analysis of drainage conditions for intermediate soils from the piezocone tests
ByR.Q. Coutinho, F.C. Mellia
Pages 6

This paper presents an analysis of the drainage conditions in intermediate soils, as they can be loaded by piezocone tests, at a standard rate of 20 mm/s, and may present a partially drained condition. This situation requires caution due to the lack of theoretical methodology for the interpretation of data resulting from the test. In this context, the objective of this work was to evaluate the drainage conditions in compacted intermediate soils coming from the “Barreiras Formation” geological unit present in a landfill located in the Brazilian municipality of Itapissuma, Pernambuco state (PE). Two campaigns of piezocone were carried out, with the first campaign consisting of three tests at a standard rate of 20 mm/s (CPTu-01, CPTu-02 and CPTu-03) and the second campaign consisting of two tests at a penetration rate of 10 mm/s (CPTu-01 A and CPTu-03 A) and one test at the rate of 30 mm/s (CPTu-01B). In addition, characterization and oedometer tests on undisturbed samples under flooded and natural moisture conditions near the sites of the piezocone tests contributed to the determination of the coefficient of consolidation. From the reported results, it was concluded that the studied soil, when loaded at the different cone penetration rates, presented undrained behavior.