chapter  31
A modified CPT based installation torque prediction for large screw piles in sand
ByC. Davidson, T. Al-Baghdadi, M. Brown, A. Brennan, J. Knappett, C. Augarde, W. Coombs, L. Wang, D. Richards, A. Blake, J. Ball
Pages 7

Screw piles have been suggested as an alternative foundation solution to straight-shafted piles for jacket supported offshore wind turbines in deep water. The significant environmental loads in the marine environment will require substantially larger screw piles than those currently employed in onshore applications. This raises questions over the suitability of current design methods for capacity and installation torque. This paper aims to address this issue by presenting a screw pile installation torque prediction method based on cone resistance values from Cone Penetration Test (CPT) data. The proposed method, developed using centrifuge modelling techniques in dry sand, provides accurate predictions of installation torque for both centrifuge and field scale screw piles. Furthermore, unlike existing CPT-torque correlations, the proposed method is shown to be applicable to multi-helix screw piles.