chapter  49
Large deformation modelling of CPT probing in soft soil—pore water pressure analysis
ByJ. Konkol, L. Bałachowski
Pages 6

This paper presents the results of finite element modelling with Updated Lagrangian formulation of the Cone Penetration Test in soft soil deposit located in Jazowa, Poland. The numerical calculations are carried out for homogenous, normally consolidated, organic soil layer. The Modified Cam Clay constitutive model for soft soil and Coulomb model for interface are used. The study compares the registered pore water pressure distributions for type-2 piezocone observed during in-situ penetration and corresponding numerical model. The numerical dissipation test is carried out and the results are confronted with in-situ registered data. The influence of orthotropic soil hydraulic conductivity on pore water pressure development at shoulder filter element during dissipation tests is examined. Finally, the distribution of pore water pressures around the piezocone obtained from numerical simulations is compared with high quality literature database.