chapter  63
Permeability estimates from CPTu: A numerical study
ByL. Monforte, M. Arroyo, A. Gens, C. Parolini
Pages 6

Realistic numerical simulations of CPTu in soft soils are now becoming possible thanks to methods like the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM). They may be used to systematically explore the traditional methods of CPTu interpretation, identify their limitations and propose alternatives. This paper discusses a series of tests simulation CPT installation and subsequent dissipation tests in soils represented by the Modified Cam Clay model. Simulation outputs obtained for different input permeabilities are examined to obtain direct estimates of permeability using different methods proposed in the literature; additionally, a method to estimate the hydraulic conductivity during the piezocone penetration is also used. These estimates are then compared with the known input permeability value to assess their reliability.