chapter  69
CPT interpretation and correlations to SPT for near-shore marine Mediterranean soils
ByS. Papamichael, C. Vrettos
Pages 6

CPT and SPT field data from the Mediterranean Region comprising onshore and offshore sands, silts, clays and organic soils were analyzed and cross-correlated for the purpose of this research. Laboratory tests on retrieved samples were utilized to aid the evaluation of the applicability of CPT as a site investigation tool. Identification of soil types was carried out using different empirical diagrams and compared with laboratory classification. The applicability of existing empirical CPT-SPT correlations was examined and a site-specific correlation was proposed. The results show that the available empirical charts work well for the majority of soils. Nonetheless, a refinement is required for the transition zones. Robust correlations between the cone resistance of CPT and the N-value of SPT are still missing and available approximations should be applied with caution.