chapter  74
Assessment of pile bearing capacity and load-settlement behavior, based on Cone Loading Test (CLT) results
ByPh. Reiffsteck
Pages 6

The Cone Loading Test (CLT) consists of stopping the static penetration at a desired level and carrying out a loading of the cone by successive steps. This test is carried out with a standard static penetrometer, equipped with some extra features. The test principle is that at selected depths an electric CPT cone tip is submitted to incremental loading while measuring the settlement of the cone. The test result is a load-displacement curve for both friction sleeve and cone tip. Considering that the cone of the penetrometer is like a reduced model pile, the CLT test is a suitable tool for foundation design. In this paper, a direct method is proposed for using the cone resistance and limit sleeve friction of the CLT test to calculate the bearing capacity and to predict the settlement of a pile at different loads. This paper presents a new approach for transforming a CLT-load-displacement curve into load-displacement curves of a pile (t-z curves). A direct and clear distinction of the bearing capacity of the pile tip and the pile shaft mobilized at different loads becomes possible.