chapter  75
CPT based settlement prediction of shallow footings on granular soils
ByJ. Rindertsma, W.J. Karreman
Pages 6

Van Oord DMC executed a large land reclamation project, where requirements had to be met concerning the settlement of shallow foundations to be placed on the sand fill. CPT based settlement predictions performed in the design phase had to be verified with zone load testing. After completing the project, all measurement data were analysed to gain insight into the accuracy of existing correlations between CPT data and settlement of a sand fill. The correlations by De Beer & Martens (1957), Schmertmann (1978), Peck et al. (1996) and Robertson (1990) were considered. From the total number of zone load tests, 43 test were selected which allowed for comparison of the results with the predictions using the mentioned correlations. It was concluded that the CPT to stiffness correlation of Robertson combined with the analytical model of Schmertmann corresponds very well with the measurements, consistently showing only small deviations from the measured settlement.