chapter  78
Comparison of settlements obtained from zone load tests and those calculated from CPT and PMT results
ByA. Sbitnev
Pages 6

This paper presents a comparison of settlement results for a construction site where soil improvement by compaction methods was undertaken. A direct comparison of the settlements obtained during the execution of several Zone Load Tests (ZLT) with the settlements estimated based on the results of Cone Penetration (CPT) and Pressuremeter Testing (PMT) for the improved soil is shown. The post treatment PMT and CPT were carried out beyond the depth of the soil treatment. The associated calculations were necessary to predict the settlement of the zone load test adjacent to the test positions. The study addresses an important difference in the results often obtained from ZLT and the calculations performed prior to the execution of the ground improvement work. It also presents the actual site test results and compares them with the calculated settlement based on the comprehensive post treatment testing regime and shows the range of differences in predicted and actual settlements.