chapter  8
Cone penetration testing on liquefiable layers identification and liquefaction potential evaluation
ByE. Anamali, L. Dhimitri, D. Ward, J.J.M. Powell
Pages 7

This paper presents the results of liquefaction potential evaluation for various sandy sites, with high seismic risk, where soil liquefaction is a major concern for all structures supported on these kinds of soils. There are many methods available for these calculations, based on different site investigation techniques. The Cone Penetration Test (CPTU) provides ideal data for this purpose, due to its repeatability and reliability. CPTU based methods on soil liquefaction assessment are important not only to identify liquefiable layers, but also their state in situ. This paper looks at results of liquefaction analyses on different sites susceptible to liquefaction, using CPTU based methods and also compares them with methods that are Standard Penetration Test (SPT) based, but using SPT data derived from correlations to CPTU results.