chapter  97
Comparison of mini CPT cone (2 cm2) vs. normal CPT cone (10 cm2 or 15 cm2) data, 2 case studies
ByG.T. de Vries, C. Laban, E. Bliekendaal
Pages 6

For decades, the standard for CPT testing has pre-scribed use of a cone with a surface area of 10 cm2. For cones with a projected surface area smaller than 5 cm2, standards appear to question and suggest the application of a correction factor.

This paper discusses results of CPT tests performed with a Mini CPT system, in which cones with a nominal surface area of 2 cm2 were used, compared to CPT results obtained with a standard 10 cm2 or 15 cm2 CPT cone. Two cases are presented. In case 1, project objective was validation of mini cone results for further use of the mini CPT system during construction works at the Dutch Maasvlakte 2 port extension. In the other case, the mini CPT system was used to proof soil deterioration along a newly built quay in a Dutch port. Finally, some suggestions are made regarding improvements to- and application of Mini CPT systems.