chapter  6
48 Pages

Static Force Analysis of Planar Mechanisms

WithKevin Russell, Qiong Shen, Raj S. Sodhi

This chapter discusses criteria for static force analysis and its applications, link static loads in 2D space, formulation and solution of linear simultaneous equation sets for static force analysis, and the effects of gear train inclusion in the static force analysis of five-bar mechanisms. The torque is actually applied about an axis, but in planar space, the axis can be represented by a point. The chapter formulates static force and moment equations for the planar four-bar, slider-crank, geared five-bar, Watt II, and Stephenson III mechanisms. In terms of structural force analyses for mechanical systems, a static force analysis is the most basic type of analysis to consider beyond kinematics. A static force analysis is the only type of force analysis required if the mechanism operates in a static state. The chapter considers the mechanism links to be rigid or nondeforming in the mechanism static force equations.