chapter  Chapter 11
60 Pages

Site investigation, instrumentation, assessment and control

WithBujang B. K. Huat, Arun Prasad, Sina Kazemian, Vivi Anggraini

This chapter details the site investigation, instrumentation, assessment and control. Soil sampling procedures are dealt with in detail. Several types of boring equipment viz hand-operated auger, wash boring, light percussion drilling, rotary core drilling are described. Various soil samplers namely piston sampler, Bishop sampler, Begemann and Swedish Foil Sampler, Seaby’s Peat Sampler, Split spoon sampler, the Mazier corebarrel etc have been dealt with in detail. Soil Investigation Report and Test Methods are also presented in this chapter. Various test methods such as standard penetration test, Cone Penetration Test, field vane shear test, pressuremeter, plate loading test, In-situ permeability test, JKR probe, and geophysical methods are described. Field instrumentation/sensors namely pore pressure, piezometer, earth pressure, deformation measurement, settlement markers, inclinometer, strain gauge, fibre optic sensors etc. are provided. The technique of predicting future settlement of foundation, namely the Asaoka method, is also included.