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ByNoam Chomsky

The urgency of “looming extinction” cannot be overlooked. It should be a constant focus of programs of education, organization, and activism, and in the background of engagement in all other struggles. But it cannot displace these other concerns, in part because of the critical significance of many other struggles, and also in part because the existential issues cannot be addressed effectively unless there is general awareness and understanding of their urgency. Such awareness and understanding presupposes a much broader sensitivity towards the tribulations and injustices that plague the world – a deeper consciousness that can inspire activism and dedication, deeper insight into their roots and linkages. There’s no point calling for militancy when the population is not ready for it, and that readiness has to be created by patient work. That may be frustrating when we consider the urgency of the existential threats, which is very real. But frustrating or not, these preliminary stages cannot be skipped.