chapter  9
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Making interpreting matter again

WithJonathan Downie

Taking interpreting seriously means taking a keen interest not just in the niceties of terminology research or vocal care, it means being awake enough to understand why interpreting is taking place and how best to deliver it at that event for that client. Some trained interpreters, knowing that many interpreters prefer to work in the simultaneous mode would simply send over a price for two Klingon to Romulan conference interpreters and the requisite interpreting kit. Standards and accepted best practices are absolutely vital, but which standards to apply should be determined by the needs of the situation and the goals of the organisation. The price of human interpreting being the gold standard is likely to be the move of interpreters from being service providers, who seek adherence to their preferences at all costs, to being experts who give advice and recommendations based on their knowledge of interpreting and commitment to getting clients the best results possible.