chapter  10
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Beating the bots Stage One: taking back interpreting PR

WithJonathan Downie

Within a day of the report containing that claim being released in The Law Society Gazette, a team from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, the leading professional association in the United Kingdom for the translation and interpreting sector, put together an open letter and a press release carefully rebutting Lord Burnett’s claim. For human interpreting to be seen as the gold standard, associations and individual interpreters will need to work together to continually generate excellent Public Relations. Excellent court interpreting makes justice fairer, more accessible and less prone to error. Interpreting in medicine saves lives, allows staff to use their time more effectively, reduces errors and can even reduce expenses by getting patients access to the care they need more quickly. Interpreting in business enables businesses to do deals that would be otherwise impossible, builds reputations across borders and cultures, and allows the sharing of information and expertise.