chapter  1
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What is interpreting?

WithJonathan Downie

Every interpreter has a favourite interpreting story. Good interpreting is the ability to take decisions intelligently. For interpreting to work, words or signs must be found that do the same things in an appropriate way in an entirely different language. Interpreting is purposeful, and its purpose may be only tangentially related to language. Until the mid-1990s, there was only one model of interpreting in town, and it was a view that was held nearly universally, by interpreters and clients alike. The conduit model is designed to be an expressly limiting model of interpreting. It presents interpreters with black-and-white options that aim to keep them in the role of simply relaying what was said and to limit the responsibility of the interpreter to producing accurate renditions. The most important thing to notice about the triadic model is that it is based on the idea of interpreting being a team sport.