chapter  3
69 Pages

Humorous Puns in Translation

WithMargherita Dore

This chapter is devoted to the discussion of humorous puns in the comedy programme Modern Family as detected via the application of the General Theory of Verbal Humour. In order to do this, a discussion of the definition of the concept of (humorous) puns is first provided. Subsequently, the chapter summarises and critically discusses some relevant literature on the translation of puns based on fixed expressions and idioms and puns that combine verbal and non-verbal text. Furthermore, it offers a simplified taxonomy of translation strategies for the treatment of humorous wordplay in revoicing (dubbing) and captioning (subtitling and fansubbing), which attempts to fit scholars’ existing suggestions into a unified framework. The application of this taxonomy to data analysis is preceded by an overview of the data under scrutiny and the methodology employed to detect and isolate instances of humorous puns.