chapter  12
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Using Punctuation to Indicate a Pause or Break

WithSean Ruday

Regardless of a specific state’s adherence to the Common Core, the use of punctuation for this purpose is a key aspect of effective writing: it allows authors to make their works as clear and impactful as possible. These punctuation marks are used to separate pieces of information from each other and to tell readers to take a quick break because new information is coming. The use of punctuation such as commas, dashes, and ellipses to indicate a pause or break is an important part of effective writing. If a writer failed to use one of these punctuation marks in a situation that required it, readers would have difficulty making sense of the author’s work. This chapter describes a step-by-step instructional process to use when teaching students to use punctuation (such as commas, ellipses, or dashes) to indicate a pause or break.