chapter  6
14 Pages

Using Phrases and Clauses while Recognizing and Correcting Dangling Modifiers

WithSean Ruday

This chapter discusses the grammatical concept of using phrases and clauses while recognizing dangling modifiers. It is designed to help students understand key modifying concepts such as relative clauses and prepositional phrases and to use them in clear and effective ways that ensure readers’ understandings. The chapter begins by describing what dangling modifiers are and discussing key kinds of modifiers that writers often use in sentences. After that, it discusses the importance of recognizing and correcting dangling modifiers to effective writing, providing published examples to show the importance of clearly used modifiers. Next, the chapter presents a classroom snapshot section, which describes the author’s experience teaching this concept to a seventh-grade class. The chapter then provides key recommendations for teaching students about recognizing and correcting dangling modifiers in their work. It ends with a bulleted list of final thoughts on this topic.