chapter  Chapter 1
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The RMS Titanic

WithSusai Rajendran, Gurmeet Singh

“Titanic” means gigantic. The Royal Mail Ship Titanic was the world’s largest passenger ship when she entered service. She was as long as three football fields. The Titanic carried 16 wooden lifeboats and 4 collapsible boats were carried, enough to accommodate 1178 people. There were 16 water tight compartments in the Titanic, as in any other Olympic-class ship, 15 bulkheads, and 11 vertically closing watertight doors to seal off the 16 compartments in any emergency. The Titanic was provided with a well-planned and properly regulated network of pipes and valves. The Marconi International Marine Communication Company looked after the Titanic’s wireless telegraphy. The Titanic had 2 emergency cutters with a capacity of 40 people each. These boats could accommodate about 1178 people, which was only one-third of the Titanic’s total capacity. The Titanic is remembered through many works of popular culture, such as books, films, folk songs, exhibits, and memorials.