chapter  Chapter 7
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The Titanic is Resting and Rusting

WithSusai Rajendran, Gurmeet Singh

The Royal Mail Ship Titanic broke apart into two pieces as she sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. She is resting, and reacting with marine bacteria and being slowly converted into “rusticles,” “rust flows,” and “rust flakes.” Rusticles are believed to be the major corrosion product on the Titanic. They are considered similar to stalactites and can be tens of centimeters long. Other forms of corrosion products have also been found on the Titanic’s wreck. These include rust flows and rust flakes. Corrosion is a natural, spontaneous, and thermodynamically stable process. In due course, the Titanic will finally be destroyed completely by nature. Discovery of the wreck of the Titanic has rekindled historical interest in the ship. The wreck of the Titanic also has considerable scientific value. The wreck of the Titanic has considerable scientific value. Microscopic or geochemical investigations have revealed in the Titanic an active, complex world of microorganisms.